Tem quis ut discipsam fugitate et ut fugitatur aut asimint ute

Kingsdale Park Development

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KOA Survey Manager Colin Fink and KOA’s Planners worked with their client to obtain consent in 2008 from the Palmerston North City Council to develop a further120 lifestyle residential allotments in stages within Kingsdale Park.

A 320m long extension of Kingsdale Park Drive to promote access to the first ridgeline was designed by KOA and constructed in 2008.

KOA are currently undertaking the subdivision, design, contract administration and observation of Stage 2B which creates 19 allotments, 1 300m long cul de sac road and services.  This work is due to be completed late 2013.


Tem quis ut discipsam fugitate et ut fugitatur aut asimint ute

Regency heights, Palmerston north

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Kevin Judd, Director of Surveying and Resource Management & Planning, was project manager for the Regency Heights Subdivision in Palmerston North.

This subdivision was undertaken over various stages between 2004 and present.

Kevin was the supervisor for the siteworks and the roading along with the related services required for the subdivision.

Kevin’s expertise along with his client’s vision have been an integral part of making this a successful and sought after subdivision.

Tem quis ut discipsam fugitate et ut fugitatur aut asimint ute


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Kevin Judd, Surveying and Resource Management & Planning Manager, was involved with this project from the early stages.

Kevin’s role was the preparation of the subdivision consent and obtaining the new titles for the industrial sections, the design of the 1.3km internal roading network and associated services. Kevin also participated in the design of the 100,000 square metres detention dam which services the site for stormwater.

Overall the project included 250,000 square metres of earthworks and over 6000 square metres of gabion baskets.

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