KOA has nationwide coverage and currently has over 60 staff with offices in Auckland, Palmerston North, Wellington and Christchurch.

KOA are committed to sound management practices throughout all aspects of the company, client relationships and employee relationships.  We ensure that all employees are required to keep their knowledge base of legislation, industry standards and board directives current.  KOA have strong policies that all employees are to adhere to. Company policies are reviewed annually to ensure they remain appropriate and continue to meet KOA requirements.

KOA is a multi-disciplinary, integrated engineering, surveying, planning and shop detailing team renowned for its service.  With a team of specialists in all fields, and graduates to support them, we find a wealth of knowledge at KOA.  We expect confidentiality, respect and commitment to projects from our team to ensure that KOA is exceeding client expectations while working within their budget. 

The company continues to employ specialised engineers, surveyors, graduates, shop detailers and planners that will continue to give an integrated team for our clients requirements. KOA supports the team in all aspects of their professional endeavours.

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