Christchurch Art Gallery Monitoring

KOA were engaged by Uretek  ( to provide survey assistance to this multi million dollar project.

The Art Gallery’s foundations had been weakened due to the sequence of earthquakes between September 2010 & February 2011. The Art Gallery was used by Civil Defence and other agencies during the initial recovery stages of the earthquake response. Subsequently it was identified that the building had settled differentially across its footprint, and  Uretek Ground Engineering  ( won the tender to correct the level of the building.  

KOA’s role was to design the layout of, and implement a monitoring solution, in conjunction with  Uretek Ground Engineering ( comprising of 269 targets that were placed in the basement on the floor, columns, beams, and walls. 6 Trimble S8 Total Stations were utilised, and were connected via WiFi to a laptop running Trimble 4D Control software. The total stations were set to measure a round of observations every 45 mins, with round times ranging from 4mins up to 40 mins depending on the number of targets observed. In addition to the automated monitoring another 39 points on the ground floor were observed with a Trimble Dini level.

As an added level of complexity to the monitoring project, and in world first for this monitoring equipment, the Trimble S8 total stations had to be installed in the basement. This meant that the total stations were moving upwards as the building was relevelled. KOA had to think quickly and came up with a solution to ensure that the results published to the Uretek Site supervisors were always current and gave surety that the building was not being damaged further due to the relevelling process.

Once each round had been completed, updated levels were extracted from the T4D software and were further processed inside Autocad Civil3d software to create required plans showing amount of lift acheived, amount of lift still required, and colour contour changes. 

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Colour Contour Changes:

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