Te Matai Road Quarry

Te Matai Road Quarry as flown for Higgins for stockpile volumes and management. The imagery allows Higgins to know where all of there different types of metal are spatially, and develop plans for managing those stockpiles. Accurate volumes are essential to the successful operation of the quarry and KOA has provided a quick, safe method to obtain volumes of all stockpiles on an ongoing basis. Only two stockpiles have been compared in this instance, however the volume of all stockpiles will be calculated.

Flight time: 45mins into strong breeze – gusting up to 40km/h

Image Count: 824

Survey Control: 9

Stockpile Volume Comparison:

UAV Stockpile 1: 798m³

GPS Survey Stockpile 1: 828m³

UAV Stockpile 2: 402m³

GPS Stockpile 2: 374m³

Manual stockpile surveys took approximately 20mins for the two piles.

Launch Video: YouTube Preview Image

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