Te Rere Hau windfarm, Manawatu

NZ Windfarm’s first project received resource consent in May 2005 for up to 97 turbines which was built in stages producing a world class windfarm.

KOA Surveying Manager, Colin Fink, was involved throughout the project including resource consent, design of roading, design of pads and construction supervision. This was spread over six years.

The first stage of Te Rere Hau wind farm consisted of five NZ made Windflow 500 turbines (2.5 MW capacity) which operated via a temporary connect into the local PowerCo network.

Prime Minister Helen Clark opened the first stage in September 2006.

The 2nd stage consisted of the installation of an additional 28 turbines plus the installation of the permanent electrical connection into the national grid via the Tararua wind farm injection point.

The 3rd stage saw a further 32 turbines added and fully commissioned making a total of 65 turbines operational and producing electricity into the national grid by the end of November 2009.

The 4th stage construction works for the turbines installation on the Eastern Extension commenced in May 2010.

Construction and commissioning of the final 32 turbines on the Eastern Extension was completed by July 2011 bringing all 97 turbines into operation and generating electricity into the national grid and completing the wind farm.

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