Whether at the planning or construction phase, KOA have surveying specialists who use the most up to date techniques and methodologies needed to ensure your requirements are met based on reliable information. You can be confident boundary locations and planning related issues have been fully explored and documented before moving onto the regulatory and compliance stages.

KOA’s surveying team have developed specialist capabilities for working within harsh and exposed environments. Utilising current technologies to their maximum extent we produce accurate information across some of New Zealand’s most challenging terrain.

As commercial and civil developments expand further into New Zealand, expertise in producing required results within geographically challenging constraints is becoming increasingly sought after. KOA has a proven track record in finding solutions in harsh terrain and problematic weather conditions. We invest in technologies and training to ensure that no matter the project, we can provide you with a viable solution and an innovative response.

Surveying Services

  • Subdivisions Rural & Residential 
  • Site Surveys – Cadastral & Topographical 
  • Roading & Earthwork Design
  • Infill Subdivisions 
  • Service Designs
  • Tender Evaluations
  • Wind-Farms
  • Land Surveying 



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